Types of Photo Booths for 2022

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To date, at least three varieties of photo vending machines are known:

1. Stationary photo booth (in a closed case) in the form of a traditional vending machine. As a rule, it is installed in public places, places of accumulation or transit of a large number of people – in the halls of shopping and entertainment centers, hotels, railway and bus stations, airports, etc. Allows not only to make express photos for the documents, but also capture a random moment of acquaintances, make a souvenir photo of the visited place, etc.

2. Mobile photo machine, so-called photo booth. It is usually a portable device on a tripod (without the external enclosed body – booth), with a short-focus lens, providing a wide angle of capture and a considerable depth of field, which are necessary for creating a photo area (spatial area of acceptable clarity). The apparatus is designed to produce mainly group thematic photos, with an arbitrary position of the photographers within the photo area, with a large arsenal of branding and customization of the photo shoots. This kind of “photo booths” have recently become increasingly popular as a means of equipping and saturation of a variety of public and private events – celebrations, weddings, parties, corporate parties, presentations, promotional events, etc. Allow to diversify significantly the pastime of the participants, activities and events to do much more intense and memorable.

3. The so-called instaprinter – machine without a camera, designed only for printing digital photos. As a rule, connected to the Internet, allows you to print photos posted on various virtual sources, such as social networks (from the name of one of the specialized social networks – Instagram – and got its name).