What Is Photobooth and How Do I Use It?

Do you want to try your luck? Then quickly come in the automatenspiele and win!How do I use the photo booth?

Photo booth, Photobus, Instaprinter, GIF booth, Bullet Time, 360 selfies – all these are new technologies. It is difficult to surprise the modern man. Gourmet cuisine, a witty entertainer, musicians, a fire show – all this often already implies a holiday. “Photobooth” – a new, trendy and fun entertainment for you and your guests at weddings, family celebrations, parties, corporate events and promotions!

To begin with, a photo booth is a slang, slang term. Its more familiar, harmonious name is a photo booth or photo machine.

This is the name of an autonomous photographic complex, often a kind of vending machine, where you can be photographed and quickly, on the principles of self-service, get ready to take pictures.

History of the Photo Booth

The history of this convenient combination of photographic, photo printing equipment and payment the vending machine goes back to 1889, when French inventor Theophile Engelbert patented the first workable automatic photo camera. In the same year, it was exhibited at the Paris World’s Fair. But in the form of the camera – vending the machine it first appeared in 1924 on Broadway (New York, USA), thanks to the efforts of the American inventor Anatole Marco Josepho. His first autonomous photo booth was called Photomaton. This original business undertaking turned out to be incredibly successful. During the first 6 months of operation, 280 thousand people in New York City used the services of the Photomaton! Photomoto booths of Anatole Josepho were so wildly popular that neither the Great Depression in the United States nor World War II could hinder the business success of Photomaton.

Until recently, in the days of the dominance of analogue photo equipment, photo booths were mainly used as a means of obtaining quick photos for documents. A person being photographed could control his or her position in front of the lens with the help of a simple mirror in the booth. Photographs were taken directly on the so-called reversible photographic paper without any intermediate stage of negative films. The speed of taking photographs in the booths reached only 3-5 minutes. At the same time, in the darkroom, one had to wait at least several hours for the result.

Today, under the rule of digital photo equipment, the functionality of modern photo machines has greatly expanded. Now they often don’t even look like a booth, but more like a portable device. They can get a quality image not only at a fixed focal distance, but within a certain photographic area. Can perform not only individual, but also group shots. Able to individualize (customize) photos by applying light filters, photographic effects and branding.

Purpose of photobooth and features

1. Purpose is to let the invitees take bright, funny or amusing photos during the celebration and print them out immediately, entertaining the guests.

2. No need to look for a photographer if you want to take a general photo with the bride, anniversary party or girlfriends at this very moment.

3. You don’t need to prepare props in advance, choose a festive background, buy an expensive camera. Everything is in one place – inside.

What is Photo booth

Device principle

What is inside

Photo booth is a mobile photo studio, a whole service consisting of a set of the latest mobile equipment.

Such interactive little photo lab takes up very little space, takes snapshots, prints them immediately.

Additionally, guests are offered a variety of accessories, decorations, backgrounds.

Consists of:

  • a portable booth with portable walls or curtains of the customer’s desired color (if desired);
  • high resolution reflex camera;
  • quality printer;
  • lighting;
  • screen.
Photo booth in Instagram stories

How does the photo area look like?

A great way to cheer up your guests having a photo booth

With the Photo Booth, any event will become more interesting, rich, entertaining and modern. Your colourful photo and video areas will not only entertain your guests but also make the event memorable, leaving memories in the form of memorable photos or videos.

If you rent or want to buy a Photo Booth, of course, you need to have a basic knowledge of working with the appropriate device, photo and video areas. Perhaps the purchase of an interactive will seem to you a relatively inexpensive pleasure. But the entertainment and advertising effect is worth it. By experience, visitors to various private or public events with great pleasure and take a lot of pictures to securely fasten in the memory vivid memories of the event and take some of them with them.

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